UK rejects EU’s Northern Ireland moves, saying Brexit deal must be renegotiated

Boris Johnson has rejected Brussels’ latest attempt to iron out problems with the post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, insisting that the withdrawal agreement signed last year must be renegotiated. A series of proposals published by the European Commission on Monday with the aim of easing implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol were said to […]

Labour pledges same rights for all workers from day one of jobs

All workers from direct employees to those in the gig economy would be eligible for sick pay, holiday, parental leave and the minimum wage from day one of their jobs under new plans announced by Labour. The party said it would create a new definition of “worker” in law to make sure everyone in […]

Could Alternative Dispute Resolution become compulsory?

Over the last three decades, we have seen increasingly widespread use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), as parties with disputes have sought swifter and less expensive ways of settling claims. ADR is a generic term that covers various means of resolving disputes other than by litigation or arbitration. Negotiation and mediation are the prime […]

No quarantine for Americans who enter the UK with a vaccine card

Americans will be allowed to enter the UK and avoid quarantining if they produce vaccine cards proving they have been double-jabbed, as part of a drive to open up transatlantic travel. Ministers are expected to sign off plans this week for US citizens arriving in the UK to be able to present the cards […]

Workers exempted from Covid-19 self-isolation to include binmen, vets and tax collectors

The list of professions that no longer have to follow self-isolation rules has been expanded to include rubbish collectors, vets and tax collectors in an attempt to limit disruption caused by the “pingdemic”. A pilot study has suggested that only one in 145 workers who come into contact with someone who has tested positive […]

Neobroker – Why trading platforms like nextmarkets are so successful

Trading apps are in vogue, young investors want simple, fast, and secure ways to invest their money. Many FinTech’s have picked up on the needs of this target group and developed special trading apps. The trading platform nextmarkets is one of these developments. Where is the benefit for those who make use of this […]

4 Tips To Better Manage Business Appointments

As a business owner, it’s vital to understand that there are high chances that you may spend some of your time in appointments. There are different kinds of appointments, including big group meetings, job interviews, or private appointments. In recent years, you may skip the face-to-face feature of appointments and use available conference calls […]

Colbeck Capital Examines the Potential of Blockchain Lending

Crypto lending is a fairly new face at the table, bringing with it plenty of unique challenges and unknowns. Not initially designed for mainstream systems, it hasn’t been the smoothest transition to incorporate cryptocurrency into the traditional world of finance and lending. Just over a decade ago, the world was in turmoil over Bitcoin […]

What Will The Casino Industry Look Like In The Next 10 Years?

Games have moved away from cards and chips thanks to the exponential growth of technological developments. Since the 2020 global pandemic, we have found new ways to do many of the things that we normally do in person at home, like play games. While we do our best to stay indoors and minimize our […]