“Inside Trump’s Dark Playground: Vulgarities, Insults & Baseless Attacks

As President Trump has been increasingly plagued with legislative and legal troubles, his supporters have followed his lead by displaying extreme hostility towards those who disagree with them. From baseless verbal attacks to explicit vulgarities, their outbursts are a far cry from what can be deemed acceptable behavior. The onslaught of insults has been especially prevalent on social media platforms, such as Twitter, where people are often quick to express their views without consequence. From his supporters, Trump continues to receive adulation with one of the common retorts being “stick to the wall,” referring to the proposal for building a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border. His supporters even go as far as to exhibit hostility towards anyone that is not a Trump follower, regardless of their political lean. In addition to the online attacks, President Trump’s supporters are known to lash out or be dismissive of those who raise questions or challenge ideas. From physical intimidation to name-calling, many of them will do and say anything to get their point across. On several occasions, Trump has even encouraged this type of behavior during his appearances at rallies. What is especially unfortunate is that President Trump’s campaign was at least partially based on the concept of unity and the hope for a more accepting society. Instead, his supporters are turning the tables and attacking those that simply disagree with the current commander-in-chief. The more this hostile behavior is tolerated, the more it could become the norm. We’ve certainly seen the effects of this in other areas of the world, with genocide and other atrocities committed in the name of a political agenda. As the race for the 2020 presidential election heats up, let us hope that supporters of all candidates can hold civil conversations, exchange ideas respectfully and learn to disagree without being disagreeable.