“Cheaper Flights, Packed Hotels, and Boomers: How to Navigate the 2020 Holiday Travel Rush!

As the holidays approach, it’s time to start thinking about traveling plans. Fortunately, travelers can expect a few perks during the potentially chaotic season. First, airfare prices are likely to be lower than usual. According to research by Hopper, a search tool that combs through airfare prices, travelers can save up to 16 percent on tickets booked three weeks or more in advance. That’s an average savings of around $60 per trip. Additionally, flights booked two weeks or less in advance can still be cheaper than expected due to low demand from leisure travelers. The second perk travelers can expect is packed hotels. In a recent survey from hospitality consulting firm STR, 38 percent of hoteliers reported they’ve booked more rooms than usual ahead of the holiday season. This means travelers will have a better chance of finding desirable accommodations during a peak travel time. Finally, along with the expected surge in travelers bring a surge in “boomers.” Boomers are individuals who have recently retired or are planning for retirement but still want to travel. These travelers are predicted to account for 30 percent of the people using hotel services according to the U.S. Travel Association’s report. Boomers, many of whom are taking last-minute trips, are likely to bring additional revenue and help boost hotel occupancy rates. In total, the holiday season brings with it some exciting prospects for travelers. Airfare prices should be lower than usual, hotels are likely to be packed, and more “boomers” are taking trips. So if you’re planning a holiday getaway, now is the time to start booking!