“Pompeo’s Sharp Rebuke of Biden Officials: ‘Moral Compass’ Shattered Over Israel-Hamas Letter

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed the former Biden administration officials who signed a dissent letter against the U.S. response to Israel’s actions in the current conflict with Hamas, claiming their “moral compass is broken”. The dissent letter was signed by 72 former officials, many of whom were in the Biden administration, who were deeply troubled by the U.S. stance on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. In the letter, they argued that the U.S. should take a more evenhanded approach towards the conflict, and that the U.S. must oppose any actions that harm civilians or ignore international law. Speaking on Fox News, Pompeo responded to the letter, saying that the signers’ “moral compass is broken”. He noted that the U.S. had repeatedly condemned Hamas’ actions, and that the U.S. was also seeking to provide humanitarian aid to those who needed it. Pompeo also argued that many of the signers of the letter had been part of the Obama administration, which had “supported Hamas” during its negotiations with Israel. He claimed that “It’s just sad to see former Obama officials…try to attack the Trump administration for a policy that remains the same.” Pompeo’s criticisms of the letter were met with opposition by some of the signers, who argued that the U.S. must take a more active role in helping to broker peace between Israel and Hamas. They argued that the current U.S. stance was simply repeating the same failed policies of the past and that U.S. inaction only serves to prolong the conflict. Regardless of the differing views on the approach the U.S. should take in this conflict, it is clear that both sides agree that the conflict in the region must be addressed and that innocent civilians should not be placed in danger. Ultimately, it will be up to the U.S. government to decide how to best to broker peace between the two sides.