“Sen Menendez’s NJ Dems Give Thumbs Up To Tammy Murphy!

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) formally announced their endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Tammy Murphy this week, including support for several of the other various state races she’s running in. The NJDSC, formerly chaired by Senator Bob Menendez, saw an influx of over 10,000 new members since Menendez took the helm in 2015. Murphy has been receiving support from major state politicians throughout her campaign, and the NJDSC endorsement of her candidacy is a huge endorsement for her. Earlier this year, US Senators Cory Booker and Menendez both threw their support behind Murphy’s campaign, as well as various representatives such as Donald M. Payne Jr. and Bonnie Watson Coleman. Murphy’s opponent Craig Coughlin, who also received the NJDSC endorsement, has been campaigning on a platform of fiscal responsibility and government reform throughout the state. He has received numerous endorsements from county organizations within New Jersey and sees himself as a “check” on the Murphy administration. The general election is set to take place this November, and the NJDSC has taken the initiative to get the Murphy campaign as much support as possible before then. They hosted over 35 fundraising events throughout the state, including a star-studded gala in 2020 attended by notable public figures such as Booker and Steve Sweeney. The NJDSC has been making significant strides in the state since Menendez took the helm in 2015, culminating in their recent endorsement of Jamie Fox as U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 11th District and their announcement to host the General Election debates for the gubernatorial candidates this November. It is evident that the NJDSC under Menendez’s direction has put forward considerable effort into ensuring that Mayor Murphy is elected this November, and their recent support will surely contribute to her success in the upcoming election.