Disney vs. DeSantis in Florida

Disney Takes a Stand Against Florida Politicians

Disney is taking a stand against Florida politicians, including Governor Ron DeSantis and his allies, by instructing its lobbyists to step up their fight. The move comes as the company faces increasing pressure from the state government to reopen its theme parks and resorts.

Disney has been vocal in its opposition to the state’s reopening plans, citing safety concerns for its employees and guests. The company has also been critical of the state’s decision to allow large gatherings, such as concerts and sporting events, while keeping theme parks closed.

Disney’s decision to ramp up its lobbying efforts is a sign that the company is not backing down from its stance. The company has already filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that the reopening plan is unconstitutional.

Disney’s move is likely to draw the ire of Governor DeSantis and his allies, who have been pushing for the reopening of the state’s theme parks. However, Disney is standing firm in its position, and is determined to protect the safety of its employees and guests.

Disney’s decision to take a stand against Florida politicians is a sign that the company is not afraid to stand up for what it believes in. It is a move that will likely be applauded by many, and will hopefully lead to a resolution that is beneficial for both Disney and the state of Florida.