Daniel Ellsberg on Discord & Leaks

Daniel Ellsberg, the man who famously leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, is now in his 90s and facing his own mortality. But in a recent interview, he spoke about the power of leaks and the importance of discord in society.

Ellsberg believes that discord is essential for a healthy democracy. He believes that it is only through discord that people can challenge the status quo and push for change. He also believes that leaks can be a powerful tool for bringing about change.

Ellsberg believes that leaks can be a way to expose the truth and to challenge the powerful. He believes that leaks can be a way to hold the powerful accountable and to ensure that the public is informed.

Ellsberg’s words are a reminder of the power of discord and the importance of leaks. In a time when the powerful are increasingly trying to control the narrative, it is important to remember that discord and leaks can be powerful tools for bringing about change.