Trump, irritated by questions about Manhattan probe, sought reporter’s removal

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, has once again found himself in the midst of controversy. This time, it is over his alleged attempt to remove a reporter who asked him questions about the Manhattan probe.

According to reports, Trump was being interviewed by a reporter from the Washington Post when he was asked about the ongoing investigation into his business dealings in Manhattan. The former President reportedly became irritated by the line of questioning and demanded that the reporter be removed from the room.

This incident has once again raised concerns about Trump’s attitude towards the media and his willingness to suppress free speech. It is not the first time that he has been accused of trying to silence journalists who ask tough questions.

During his time in office, Trump frequently attacked the media, calling them “fake news” and accusing them of being biased against him. He also threatened to revoke the press credentials of reporters who he felt were being unfair to him.

This latest incident has been met with widespread condemnation from journalists and media organizations. Many have called on Trump to apologize for his behavior and to respect the role of the media in a democratic society.

The Manhattan probe is just one of several investigations into Trump’s business dealings and his conduct while in office. The former President has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and has accused his political opponents of launching a witch hunt against him.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, Trump remains a popular figure among his supporters. Many believe that he was unfairly targeted by the media and that he was the victim of a political conspiracy.

As the investigations into his conduct continue, it remains to be seen how Trump will respond to the mounting pressure. Will he continue to lash out at the media and his critics, or will he take a more conciliatory approach? Only time will tell.