Top GOP lawyer decries ease of campus voting in private pitch to RNC

In a private pitch to the Republican National Committee, a top GOP lawyer decried the ease of campus voting, claiming that it leads to voter fraud and undermines the integrity of the election process. The lawyer, who has not been named, argued that college students are more likely to vote for Democrats and that allowing them to vote on campus makes it easier for them to do so.

This argument is not new. Republicans have long been suspicious of college students and their voting habits. In recent years, they have pushed for stricter voter ID laws and other measures that make it harder for students to vote. But the lawyer’s comments are particularly troubling because they suggest that the GOP is willing to undermine the democratic process in order to gain an advantage.

The truth is that campus voting is not a problem. In fact, it is a vital part of our democracy. College students are just as entitled to vote as anyone else, and they should be able to do so in a way that is convenient and accessible. Many students are away from home on election day, and voting on campus is often the easiest way for them to cast their ballots.

Moreover, there is no evidence that campus voting leads to voter fraud. The lawyer’s claims are based on nothing more than speculation and fear-mongering. In fact, studies have shown that voter fraud is extremely rare, and that measures like voter ID laws are more likely to disenfranchise legitimate voters than to prevent fraud.

The GOP’s opposition to campus voting is part of a larger pattern of voter suppression. Republicans have long been accused of trying to make it harder for certain groups of people to vote, including minorities, the elderly, and the poor. These efforts are often disguised as measures to prevent voter fraud, but in reality they are designed to tilt the playing field in favor of the GOP.

It is time for Republicans to stop playing these games and start respecting the democratic process. All Americans have the right to vote, and that right should not be undermined for political gain. Campus voting is a vital part of our democracy, and it should be protected, not attacked. The GOP lawyer’s comments are a reminder that we must remain vigilant in the fight for voting rights, and that we must never take our democracy for granted.