There remains little value in broadcasting Trump’s comments live

In the age of 24-hour news cycles and social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest soundbites and headlines. And when it comes to former President Donald Trump, there’s no shortage of controversial comments and tweets to keep the media buzzing.

But as we move further away from the Trump era, it’s worth asking whether there’s any real value in broadcasting his comments live. After all, his speeches and press conferences were often filled with falsehoods, personal attacks, and divisive rhetoric. And while it’s important for journalists to report on what the president says, there’s a difference between reporting on his words and giving him a platform to spread misinformation and hate.

One argument in favor of broadcasting Trump’s comments live is that it allows viewers to see and hear for themselves what he’s saying. This can be especially important when it comes to issues like foreign policy or economic policy, where the president’s words can have real-world consequences. But even in these cases, there’s a danger in giving Trump a platform to spout his untruths and conspiracy theories.

Another argument is that the media has a responsibility to hold the president accountable for his words and actions. By broadcasting his comments live, journalists can fact-check his statements in real-time and challenge him on the spot. But again, this assumes that Trump is willing to engage in a good-faith discussion and not simply use the platform to attack his critics and spread lies.

Ultimately, the decision to broadcast Trump’s comments live should be based on a careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks. While there may be some value in allowing viewers to see and hear for themselves what the president is saying, there’s also a risk of giving him a platform to spread misinformation and hate. As we move forward into a new era of politics, it’s important for the media to be thoughtful and deliberate in their coverage of public figures, and to prioritize truth and accuracy over sensationalism and ratings.