Thais fill steel vats and huge boxes in bottomless popcorn challenge

A WOMAN carries a bucket containing popcorn during a campaign ‘all you can eat popcorn for 199 baht ($5.60)’ in front of a cinema inside a department store in Bangkok, Thailand, Nov. 28. — REUTERS/ATHIT PERAWONGMETHA

BANGKOK — Dozens of Thais showed up with steel vats, cardboard boxes, and all sizes of plastic containers to a mall in central Bangkok on Monday, after a cinema offered “all you can eat” popcorn for 199 baht ($5.60).

Pipat Lorsubkong, 39, said he was taking home about 57 liters worth of the salty snack in a huge buffet-style dish as he took part in the stunt to challenge customers to come up with quirky container ideas.

“I’m planning to share it with my family and friends,” the investment expert said, as cinema workers shoveled the popcorn into buckets and boxes.

For what would have been the price of a ticket to the movies, customers also got bottomless soda refills to help slake what many expected would be a vengeful thirst from eating all that popcorn. — Reuters