House assures support for police academy modernization


THE HOUSE leadership on Monday vowed to support the modernization of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) and additional benefits for cadets.   

“In an increasingly globalized, highly advanced society, there is a need to modernize the PNPA and educate our police corps with new methods, so they may have the competency and expertise to deal with criminals employing new schemes and technology in the commission of a crime,” House Speaker Martin G. Romualdez said in a statement.   

Mr. Romualdez said measures have been filed in the House of Representatives that seek to grant the academy autonomy to build infrastructure, procure appropriate equipment, and reorganize the school administration.    

Several bills including House Bills 3507, 4103 and 4657 seek to strengthen the police academy by converting it into an autonomous institution in accordance with the Constitution.   

Under the proposed measures, PNPA cadets will be classified as state scholars and the period of studies will be counted as part of government service.  

“These measures are almost unanimous in their desire to establish a PNPA corps of professors and instructors, and to create a system of faculty, placement, promotion and development,” he said.   

Mr. Romualdez also said Congress is allocating funds for the improvement of the Philippine National Police’s law enforcement capabilities, noting that the government is making sure crime is reduced through police presence and operations. — Matthew Carl L. Montecillo