Need a break? Have a breather at Palmolive Naturals Positivity Hub

Jump-start your nature moment experience by spending a day (or three) at The Palmolive Naturals Positivity Hub on Nov. 18-20, 2022, at Market! Market! Activity Center.

Already feeling the holiday rush and blues? Stressed about the yearend workload in the office? Worried about your upcoming finals before savoring a well-deserved vacation? These are the things that make us go haaay and make us feel blah and meh. *Deep sigh* Kapit lang besties! Two months left for this crazy year, and we can finally have a restart. But why wait when you can actually have a total rest and reset now? You can actually turn your #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay at The Palmolive Naturals Positivity Hub on Nov. 18-20, 2022, at Market! Market! Activity Center.

There are days when we’re feeling haaay in life, and that’s totally normal — but don’t worry! Palmolive Naturals is here to reassure you that you have the power to turn your #HaaaytoBuhayNaBuhay with nature moments. Take a break and turn things around by immersing yourself in nature, maybe start a mini garden, go on a walk in the park, use personal care products made with natural ingredients like Palmolive Naturals or if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not plan a weekend hiking trip or go to the beach with your friends?

Too tired or busy for a daring nature experience? Worry not, because you can still have a great nature experience even when you’re in the city. Jump-start your nature moment experience by spending a day (or three) at The Palmolive Naturals Positivity Hub on Nov. 18-20, 2022, at Market! Market! Activity Center. This event will definitely make you feel buhay na buhay! Hang out and have fun with fellow Palmolive girls and brand ambassadors at the booths displayed in the hub. Exploring this hub will give you a chance to discover and experience the natural ingredients in the Palmolive Naturals hair and skin care range, feel uplifted by the positivity messages around the hub, create beautiful picture-perfect nature moments for your socials, and have an opportunity to win amazing prizes and contribute to Palmolive’s tree-planting project in partnership with HOPE!

Refresh and Relax at the Palmolive Naturals Positivity Hub

Take time off from your haaays in life by going to the Palmolive Naturals Positivity Hub and immersing yourself at the Buhay na Buhay stations. Start off your nature moment journey by discovering the right Palmolive Naturals hair and skin care products for you at Nature Display. Next, have a breather and stop by the Refresh Studio, where you can try and experience our Palmolive Naturals products first-hand!

After trying our products, we’re sure that you’re feeling positive and buhay na buhay inside and out. Don’t let your buhay na buhay look stay within the walls of the hub. Document and flex your transformation by taking selfies for your gram at our Buhay na Buhay Reel Area. Print these photos or download them so you can post it on your socials. After posing for the cameras, write all your haaays and hopes at the Voice Your Positivity. Leave those bad vibes in life in the Negativity drop box and write positive messages to uplift you and other event goers! Feel more buhay na buhay after reading all the positive messages from other people.

Finally, don’t forget to take all the positivity with you at the Palmolive Seeds Hope Corner! Wrap up and complete the ‘buhay na buhay’ experience with a contribution to the coconut tree planting project by Palmolive, in collaboration with HOPE. By doing so, you’re giving back to mother nature and our local farmers in General Santos City, Mindanao.

Completing the journey on all five hubs feels like reaching the top of the mountain, right? So, let’s celebrate it with a Palmolive Naturals Gift Pack you can take home and use to remember your natural moment accomplishment.

On top of that, while making the most of your time at the Positivity Hubs, you’ll get to share this positive nature moment experience with Palmolive Naturals Celebrities. Make sure to take selfies with Zephanie Dimaranan and Cassy Legaspi on Day 1, Angelina Cruz and Julia Montes on Day 2, and Jayda Avanzado on Day 3.

Now that’s a reason for you to attend all three days of the event! You wouldn’t want to miss this refreshing experience. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a day with nature on Nov. 18-20, 2022, at Market! Market! Activity Center.

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