Investa Summit to give insights on investing amid bear markets

The Investa Summit, running from Nov. 25 to 27, invites investors to learn how to thrive under harsh market conditions from world-class traders and investors in stocks and the Web3 space.

Going strong in its 6th year, the Investa Summit is themed towards dealing with bear markets. As this year has proven to be difficult for investors, traders, and fund managers alike, the following speakers will be giving the audience timely lessons on how to stay alive in the markets as well as how to prepare as early as now for the opportunities to come:

Jack Schwager, Author of Market Wizards

Jared Tendler, Best-selling Author & Mental Game Coach

Tom Basso, Market Wizard

Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek, Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Digital

Akio Kashiwagi, Founder of MoneyGrowersPH

Lawrence Lee, President & CEO of CTS Global

Edmund Lee, President & CEO of Caylum Trading Institute

Javi Medina, Managing Director and CIO of BIM, Founder of Open Journal

Emmanuel Onuoha, Founder of Openwaver

George Asibal, Founder of ZFT

Bernhard Tsai, COO of BDO Securities

Michael Enrile, Equities Portfolio Manager of BIMI

Miguel Agarao, Vice President of PhilEquity

Tonio Garcia, Head of Retail & Online Marketing, RCBC Securities

Miguel Liboro, Head of Local Markets, ATRAM

Bear markets often present the best opportunities to invest. Crises will often give the market the chance to buy quality stocks at a discount, and crises will also lead them toward the new market trends that may emerge.

“The greatest wealth is created by being an early investor in innovation,” said Mark Yusko, one of the Investa Summit’s speakers.

Doing so entails other responsibilities as well such as scouting for the best prospects, surviving the winter long enough to reap the benefits, and many other aspects. This is exactly what the Investa Summit wants to bring to its audience: lessons and wisdom that will help them find opportunities in crisis.

Investagrams, the leading social-financial platform and mobile app in the Philippines, is in charge of organizing the Investa Summit. The platform offers virtual stock market trading, analytical tools, market education, and a social network to empower traders and investors of all levels in order to help them keep on top of the global markets. The Investa Summit is another step in the company’s goal of increasing the number of Filipinos who invest in the Philippines to 10 million.

Tickets for the virtual summit start at only P999. For more information, head over to

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