METS Logistics: A trusted partner of food businesses for cold chain services

For food businesses, perhaps nothing is more crucial than delivering safe and quality food to consumers. This means keeping an eye on the food value chain until it reaches the plate — focusing on the production, preparation, and presentation of the food, as well as how they are stored and transported.

Not only does a poor storage facility and transportation affect the safety and quality of food products, but it also leads to food wastage. Therefore, when finding the storage facilities to entrust their products with, food businesses must know which logistics service can keep their products safe and fresh, and not lead to waste.

Understanding the value of product integrity for food businesses, their products’ safety and quality are central to METS Logistics Inc. A business partner that could meet specific cold storage and warehouse facility needs, METS Logistics vows to deliver top-notch service that assures security in every step of the storage cycle.

“Everything businesses need in every process of cold storage solution we offer at METS,” the logistics service provider said. “METS offers multiple services from storage services (Cold, Aircon, Dry), Blast Freezing, Toll Processing, and other Auxiliary Services to cater to clients’ specific needs.”

METS Logistics can keep an array of food products frozen and fresh. Businesses with products such as meat (poultry, beef, pork, and seafoods); fruit byproducts; processed meat like hotdogs, longganisa, tocino, and more; and dairy products like milk and cheese can partner with METS to ensure the quality and safety of such products in storage.

The company also caters to packaging materials and vaccines as well as offers some space for office and warehouse rentals.

In addressing the particular needs of every business, METS also ensures it provides the right resources and personalized service and facilities. In the past, METS has added services such as bundling, rebagging, reboxing and other specific Toll Production processes to cater its partner businesses’ specific needs.

Further assuring their business partners of safety, the facilities and services at METS Logistics are accredited by the government and global accreditation organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration, National Meat Inspection Service, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Operating Practices, and the Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines.

Since its establishment in 2010, METS Logistics has been a business partner of over a hundred clients who entrusted the company with keeping their products safe and fresh. METS currently serves through its five branches that can be found in Carmona, Cavite; Mandaue City, Cebu; and Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City.

“Being in the cold chain industry for 12 years, METS understands the needs of our clients and has adapted the best practices for efficient operation of our cold chain services. We are ISO compliant and have maintained our facilities in top tier condition” says Eduard Tio, METS Logistics President.

METS Logistics continues to work on being a reliable partner of more food businesses for their storage facility needs. The company is expanding further in other strategic locations, one of which is in Bulacan where it will open next year. It also continuously adds value-added services and seeks more new ways to enhance its processes to deliver more efficient storage services and facilities for the benefit of partner businesses.

For more information, follow METS Logistics on Facebook or call them at (046) 482 0384.

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