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Hospital Presidents of Metro Pacific Health with Vice-Chairman and President Augie Palisoc, Jr. and CEO Dr. Harish Pillai

In the new normal where it’s becoming increasingly important to value and prioritize one’s health and well-being, Filipinos deserve the best healthcare they can get. The COVID-19 pandemic is a sharp reminder that everyone, everywhere should have access to high-quality healthcare that they can rely on any time — from the moment a child is first welcomed to the world, to keeping well and receiving treatment as an adult.

Recognizing this advanced need, the Philippines’ leading and most valued healthcare network renews its commitment to medical excellence and providing expert, compassionate patient-centered care.

Metro Pacific Hospitals reintroduces itself as Metro Pacific Health (MPH) this October, carrying the promise of serving as “the heart of Filipino healthcare.”

MPH nationwide portfolio of 19 hospitals

To date, MPH has 19 hospitals, located across the Greater Manila area, as well as in Bulacan, Tarlac, Laguna, Bacolod, Bohol, General Santos City, Butuan City, Davao City, and Zamboanga City.

MPH’s wide network includes premier names in the industry, such as Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and Davao Doctors and Riverside Medical Center.

Aside from hospitals, MPH also has 22 outpatient care centers, 6 cancer care centers, two allied health colleges, a centralized laboratory, and several pharmacies spread across the country.

Altogether, MPH is proud to have a wide capacity of 3,829 beds, a strong workforce of 9,535 doctors, and 16,566 nurses and staff serving 3.8 million patients every year.

With a revitalized identity, MPH seeks to integrate its services to deliver accessible and high-quality hospital care, virtual care, mobile care, and home care that Filipinos can depend on to address their illnesses, as well as to ensure and improve their wellness.

“This isn’t just a new look for us as a company, but rather an expression of what it truly means to be the heart of Filipino healthcare. This rebranding represents our promise to continuously improve the way we work, and the way we care for our patients,” MPH Chief Executive Officer Dr. Harish Pillai said.

MPH Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer Jessica C. Abaya added that the rebrand, together with the programs that support it, seeks to create Filipino pride with MPH as the heart of Filipino healthcare, delivering excellent and unparalleled Filipino service that comes from the heart.

“We believe our efforts to transform Metro Pacific Hospitals to Metro Pacific Health will keep our brand relevant for generations to come,” Ms. Abaya said.

To better serve patients and their families, MPH aims particularly to modernize healthcare with state-of-the-art technology in medical science and data, improve end-to-end customer experience, and widen access to world-class quality healthcare for many Filipinos.

As Dr. Pillai shared, MPH is looking to digitally transform the landscape by exploring and maximizing the digitalization opportunities that are set to revolutionize patient care in the country.

These opportunities include remote patient monitoring, electronic health record systems, hospital-at-home programs, new virtual care platforms, and upgrading hospital information systems to create an integrated digital access point.

The integrated access point is seen to give MPH the capabilities to digitally search for and schedule appointments, virtually triage symptoms, navigate to the right site of care, and access electronic medical records across the entire network.

On top of expanding and digitalizing its services, MPH also aspires to bring down the cost of healthcare in the country and thus make healthcare more affordable for Filipinos. To meet this target, MPH seeks to streamline cost structures for more affordable healthcare options, so that no Filipino will be deprived in the Philippines of good quality healthcare.

These efforts, overall, are anchored on MPH’s mission of delivering integrated quality healthcare services that are accessible and sustainable so that no Filipino has to fly out of the country for world-class medical attention, as well as the constant drive of its parent company Metro Pacific Investments Corp. to contribute to nation-building.

“Whether it be in communications, mining, electricity, water, tollways, trains, and, of course, hospitals, our goal is always to improve the quality of life of Filipinos for a better Philippines,” MPH President Augie Palisoc, Jr. said.

MPH Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan expressed his confidence that the dedicated management teams and employees behind MPH will be capable of meaningfully realizing his vision of a better and healthier Philippines.

“Together, we will achieve our vision of making Metro Pacific Health the leading and most valued integrated healthcare network in the Philippines, and one of Asia’s most innovative and trusted healthcare providers,” Mr. Pangilinan said.

Beginning October, MPH’s new branding will be seen across its nationwide network of hospitals, outpatient care centers, cancer care centers, pharmacies, centralized laboratory, and allied health colleges.

More than a new name, Metro Pacific Health begins paving the way to an improved, accessible, and holistic healthcare that Filipinos, wherever they are in the country, can depend on throughout their lifetimes.

For more information, visit Metro Pacific Health’s official website at or follow @metropacifichealth on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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