Buy anything from Robinsons Malls using images from your phone gallery

Have you ever had an item where you know exactly what it looks like but not what it’s officially called?

You’re not alone! Decades of market research on consumer behavior has proved that we remember products much easier by their image, than by their actual name. That is because our brains are actually hardwired to construct mental representations of information!

Being limited to names for our search engines can make the once convenient e-commerce experience a hassle. That is what Robinsons MallDash is here for!

What is MallDash? is Robinson Mall’s hyperlocal online shopping platform where you can find and combine various mall items in just one go! Get your essentials in just one 1 hour from Robinsons Antipolo, Ilocos, Magnolia (Quezon City), Las Piñas, and Manila.

What is Snap and Pabili?

Snap and Pabili is MallDash’s exclusive feature that enhances your online shopping experience through the use of images. Say goodbye to the hassle of scrolling up and down the e-commerce app, looking for each and every item, and get your shopping bags at your front door with just 4 easy steps:

Once you have signed up, log in, select the Robinsons Mall you want to order from, and head over to Pabili Service.

Click ‘upload file’ and choose your image from your device.

This can be a picture of the product that you need but do not know its name, a medical prescription, or even a picture of your listahan for a completely hassle-free experience!

Click ‘Add to Cart’ then proceed to “My Cart” on the upper-right corner of the page.

Checkout, confirm your details, and place the order. If you went this far, congrats! Here’s a promo code for you: MALLDASHNOW. Get a ₱100 discount for a minimum spend of ₱200. Full promo mechanics here.

BONUS: Our Dependable Dashers will do the shopping for you while you rest, relax, and spend time on your other needs. It’s that easy!

Can I upload a medical prescription or reseta? YES!
Can I take a picture and upload my handwritten listahan? YES!
Can I upload images of multiple items from different stores? Definitely YES!

“Magaling, magaling. Very interesting.”

So what are you waiting for? is here to stay and we’re gearing up to make your online mall shopping experience easier and faster in 1 GO!

PS: Follow @MallDashPH on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to discover the latest updates, such as the up-and-coming app available on the App Store and Google Play very soon!

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