Google searches for solar panels increase by 300 per cent as cost of living and energy crises hit

Google searches for solar panels have rocketed by more than 300 per cent this year, with the cost of living and energy crises hitting hard.

More Brits are looking for alternative and cleaner energy sources it has been shown by a new report of Google Trends data. Searches shot 316 per cent above the five year average in March, and is rising again in August, as the UK experiences a heatwave.

This comes as inflation reaches a 40-year high at over nine per cent, with fuel supply issues caused by the war in Ukraine contributing to a massive increase in cost for the average household.

Energy bills are projected to be £4,200 from October, with UK households being given a one-off £400 discount on their fuel bills.

“The energy market is in crisis,” said James Haynes, Branch Manager at A-Plan Insurance. “The most efficient way to save money is to cut your usage or switch to a more renewable energy.”

Citing Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, he said: “Families with a 3.5 kilowatt-peak system can knock between £170/year and £440/year off of their bills through the use of solar panels.”