Airline fuel surcharge to decline in Sept.

PHILIPPINE AIRLINES (PAL), Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia Philippines said on Tuesday that they will lower their fuel surcharges next month.

The three airlines issued statements following a Civil Aeronautics Board’s (CAB) announcement that it is altering the applicable passenger and cargo fuel surcharge for domestic and international flights to Level 9 from Level 12 in September.

The CAB cited the lower average price of jet fuel (P46.73 per liter) between July 10 and Aug. 9, against the P54.73 average between June 10 and July 9.

“Airlines wishing to impose or collect fuel surcharge (next month) must file their application with this office on or before the effectivity period, with fuel surcharge rates not exceeding (Level 9),” CAB Executive Director Camelo C. Arcilla said in an advisory issued on Aug. 15.

Level 9 on the CAB matrix permits a fuel surcharge per passenger of between P287 and P839 for domestic flights and between P947.39 and P7,044.27 for international flights.

Currently, the fuel surcharge per passenger runs between P389 and P1,137 for domestic flights and P1,284.40 and P9,550.13 for international flights.

“We welcome this positive development, and we will carry out the corresponding adjustments in our fuel surcharges,” PAL Spokesperson Cielo C. Villaluna said in a phone message.

“The new fuel surcharge rate will be applicable to tickets that will be purchased in September,” she added.

Cebu Pacific Chief Commercial Officer Xander Lao said separately that the budget carrier also welcomes the adjustment in the fuel surcharge policy.

“We look forward to the lower fuel surcharge which should help make fares more affordable and stimulate air travel,” he said in a statement.

Low-cost carrier AirAsia Philippines said: “This will benefit many of our guests who are now planning their travels in time for the ‘Ber’ months.”

“(We) will reflect the adjustments in our ticket prices accordingly,” it added. — Arjay L. Balinbin