The alternative to property investments

TAB’s founder, Duncan Kreeger, has come a long way since he founded TAB in 2018, he had a vision that he could supply an alternative method of investing in property.

He believed it was time to use technology to change the way we buy and sell a property for the better and his company is doing just that!

Duncan Kreeger has overseen more than £2.5bn of new loans and managed a loan book of over £400m during his 20 years’ experience. He has learned what borrowers need and what investors require and ensures that practices at TAB are designed with both in mind.

He said “I don’t agree that A grade property assets and tenants should be reserved for the large funds and high net worth investors. We think these assets should be available for everyone and we are not going to stop until it becomes reality”.

“We have begun to address the problem with real estate investment and the walls that are put up that block people from accessing stable property returns, by developing a platform that gives individuals access to the UK property market”.

“People need homes, coffee shops and restaurants, this will never change. Why should you only be able to invest in shares of a company and not the building which has a 25-year lease against paying an annual return and benefiting from capital growth as well?”.

He believes that TAB will change the way you save for your future. “This isn’t a get rich quick solution and this won’t change your life overnight, but it will allow you to own a share of multiple properties earning you rental returns from day one. You won’t have to find a tenant, go to any viewings, deal with a lawyer or any of the things that may put you off investing in real estate in the first place, not to mention the financial barriers that include large upfront abortive fees”.

Duncan found that some of the most exciting property projects didn’t fit well within the constraints of the traditional lender’s more rigid and often computer-generated funding criteria. He saw a niche in the market for a lender that understood the requirements of bridging loans for property projects. TAB has now evolved into a fractional property and loan investment platform as well as offering lending solutions to borrowers.

TAB understands short term lending requirements and has the experience to act quickly, they manage funds that are invested in loans and have developed a proposition for investors to own property without the need for mortgage debt. TAB’s lending model is designed on the wider spectrum of a borrower’s circumstances, enabling them to finance different ranges of projects.

  • Borrowers can use their loan to bridge the gap for a property, shops, apartment blocks or even skyscrapers.
  • They don’t charge exit fees and are open and transparent about their loans.
  • They offer variable interest payment plans on first charge loans and second charge loans.
  • Following an initial enquiry, borrowers apply for a short-term loan through their application process. A decision in principle will follow soon after.
  • Their team undertakes due diligence and progresses to agree a decision.
  • Borrowers are matched with funders on the TAB platform and funds are typically available within just 14 days.

Their platform allows them to deliver quotes on bespoke finance based on the potential of each project within 24 hours. This is a very quick turnaround and is based on responsiveness to real-time changes within the property market.

TAB Market enables new and existing investors to access a range of products at varying interest rates, providing investors with an opportunity to invest in UK properties. TAB Property, fractional property ownership investments and TAB Lending, matches people who want to borrow to people who want to invest. Both investments are offered on the TAB Market.

TAB’s foundations are built on decades of property market experience, their key values, trust, efficiency, transparency, legal team, quality underwriters and high-level salespeople who make up the TAB team have allowed them to write almost £50m of loans over two years.

Property investment has historically been a great way of investing your money, and right now property investment can be a lucrative game. Alternative investments are likely to see a steady expansion of the role they play in portfolios as well as in the broader economy, most people would agree it is already several years overdue.

This information does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation and you should seek advice concerning suitability from your investment adviser. As with any investment your capital is at risk. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

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