Senate approves LPG bill on second reading


THE SENATE on Wednesday approved on second reading a measure outlining the regulation of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry.

The chamber approved Senate Bill No. 1955 which aims to set a national policy and regulatory framework for the LPG industry.

The bill also aims to “uphold the right of consumers to freely choose the LPG trademark or tradename they want to purchase” and improve competition in the LPG industry, which sells the leading form of cooking fuel to the consumer market.

Under the measure, the Department of Energy is tasked with the policy’s implementation, drafting the LPG Industry Development Plan, and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

The bill also provides for a program which allows “end consumers to exercise their freedom of choice in the purchase of LPG through cylinder exchange and cylinder swapping,” regardless of the brand carried by their individual cylinders.


The measure also calls for an LPG Cylinder Improvement Program, to upgrade the quality of cylinders in circulation.

The bill requires industry participants to be licensed and registered, particularly owners and operators of centralized LPG systems. It also sets penalties for underfilling, illegal refilling, and hoarding. — Vann Marlo M. Villegas


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